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willpower and nakama bonds of a shounen protagonist!

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icon by SunEmperor
ok firstly can i just say THANK YOU guys for tagging me  OTL i'm a sucker for these OC trivia things and i like talking about them a lot i just feel self-conscious cuz...they're not very interesting. 
and secondly i'd like to say sorry for potentially boring you guys with these facts! OTL not all of them are very interesting but i'll try to keep them short and snappy hehe ; v ; i'll cap them at 24 MAX for now so you guys won't be bombarded with 32 facts or more per OC OTL

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator’s avatars.

Tagged by the awesome :iconzackypenguin: :iconssspitfire: :iconundead-empress: :iconcrystias:

Character: Fran
[DA] Welcome. by nikkaroo

#1 everybody probably knows this already lol His real eye colour isn't crimson. Those are just contacts he wears because...he wants to emulate Death. :XD: this is because...
#2 He looks up to Death a lotttt and dotes on her very much. She gave him a second chance, and trusts him even though he didn't give her a reason to do so. In return, he is fiercely loyal to her. Affectionate calls her "Death-chan". 
#3 His real eye colour is light azure blue.
#4 His favourite colour isn't white. He wears white to 1) give off an angelic disposition when he reaps and 2) remember his sister. Auron's favourite colours were white and silver.
#5 Fran's favourite colour is gold. Partially because it's royal and frantastic and grand, but also because...the "Au" in Auron's name is the chemical symbol for "gold". Ha. /silent tears
#6 Piercings wise, he has 4 piercings on each ear, 2 on the cartilage, and 2 on the lobe itself. 4 because 4 is the magical number of Death yey.
#7 While he and Fate are total bros now, they....didn't always use to get along well. Same goes for Inkie. It's a common problem -- people tend to dislike him at first. 8D nikka doesn't blame them
#8 This is probably hard to believe and disturbing to imagine, but... Fran used to have longass hair. Like. Hair locks that cascaded to his butt. This was when he was alive + in his first year of Apprenticehood.
#9 It got sliced off upon his return from Falling, when several Guardians and Apprentices who dubbed him a traitor attacked him on his return. His longass hair was cut off in the scuffle.
#10 That marked the start of his asymmetrical undercut hairstyle -- to remember what happened that fateful day of his return, as well as to....troll the peeps who sliced his hair off like that. Like all "haha you thought this could get me down? WELL I ACTUALLY LIKE IT BETTER THIS WAY"
#11 The braid that he usually sports on the left is to commemorate Auron, since his dear sister always used to like braiding her hair on the left like that.
#12 He reeeeally doesn't get along with the birds, even though he quite likes animals in general. Birds somehow have a field day pecking at him/pooping on him. He's totes used to it and carries a small umbrella whenever he goes to the bird room.
#13 His ill luck with animals started all the way back when he was still alive. Even when he was a kid. Some traditional folks said that he was a bad omen, rejected by even nature's own creations. (the Warthone brothers have their own explanation for this behaviour from animals, though)
#14 Super super picky eater. His favourite foods are plain unsweetened yoghurt, eggs, muffin (the bread kind) with eggs + ham + tomatoes. Mostly likes breakfast-y foods! But---
#15 ....he will usually try to eat at least a bite of what people make for him, because he especially treasures gifts, and even more so, hand-made gifts. 
#16 He is good at making and decorating desserts but he is not a fan of eating them. He makes them solely for others to eat.
#17 Although Fran loves music (writing it, playing it and singing it), he doesn't usually sing in public. The places he likes to sing at are few, namely his own room, and in the wide expanse of the chrysanthemum fields. He really likes those fields. Can't find him? Try searching there. 
#18 When he and Auron were alive, Fran would sing Auron to sleep when she needed it. When they grew older, Auron returned the favour by singing her brother to sleep instead, whenever he had trouble sleeping. i.e. every night.
#19 He's skilled at ballroom dancing, but is especially fond of/good at the Viennese Waltz. 
#20 Fran can play several instruments, but his favourite to play are the piano, lute and the harp.
#21 He enjoys sneaking into colleges and sitting in for lectures at the back of the lecture hall. He sometimes drags Inkie along with him too. Learning fascinates him, and he's of the mentality that learning never stops, and there's a constant need to update one's knowledge. Zel helps him sneak into her lectures now and then. 
#22 There is no one who knows exactly how he died, except for Death, Fate and the apprentice who reaped him. Coincidentally enough, the apprentice went AWOL soon after reaping Fran (suspected: falling), and Fran hid records of his death from his case file so that no one would ever find out details surrounding his death. When queried about it, the apprentice leader would simply explain that it was such a silly way to die, that he'd rather no one ever remember or find out about it.
#23 He laughs a lot because his laugh sounds a lot like Auron’s. He laughs to remember her, and to keep her presence going in his life. Also, laughter is the best kind of music to him. For someone who loves music, I guess this says a lot.
#24 There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't think of his sister.

Tagged by the awesome :icontabootengu: :iconaddaline: :iconundead-empress:

Character: Zel
[DeApp] Flippin' Francies by nikkaroo

#1 When Zel first met Fran, Fran was oddly reminded of his sister -- outgoing personality, sweet tooth, rebel, disregard for rules... But as the two got to know each other, Fran realises that they are two very different girls in entirety. u v u 
#2 Zel's band name is "Rakia". It is Hebrew for "open expanse" / "skies" / "heaven".
#3 This blue-haired musician writes the songs for Rakia, as well as plays drums + bass guitar for her band, on top of providing supporting vocals. 
#4 Although she was the one who founded her band, she usually does not sing the lead vocals for their songs, nor is the band marketed with her as the "leader". 
#5 The band is currently working on releasing their first album. (their previous releases were mostly singles) The album was entirely written and arranged by Zel, and is entitled "Behind The Mask". 
#6 Family-wise, Zel has 2 older brothers, and a younger sister. Though her siblings all live in the same house as she and her dad, they're all seldom home. Her two brothers are famous classical musicians, touring the world as soloists/with an orchestra. Her sister is currently putting up at a hostel in a prestigious school, studying music as well.
#7 Out of Zel's entire family, her younger sister is said to be the most gifted at classical music, and is often dubbed a "prodigy" in school. She picks up instruments with ease, has perfect pitch, and has the best grades out of all the siblings. However, when it comes to songwriting and composition, the little sis often relies on big-sis Zel for help, as Zel is the most naturally gifted songwriter and composer in the family. 
#8 Zel's papa is often staying over at the martial arts school he owns (he has a nice cosy room there), or out running errands for the family. Hence he, too, is seldom home.
#9 Both Zel and her late mum are taller than her dad. XD Zel takes after her mum a lot. 
#10 She has a strange fascination for the supernatural. Since a young age, the concept of apprentices, ghosts and life after death has always fascinated her.
#11 Her two upper canines are longer than the average canine, giving her a sort of wildcat appearance whenever she grins/smirks/smiles. And she's always grinning/smirking/smiling so I guess she looks like a wildcat 90% of the time.
#12 Used to swear freely, but now substitutes her swearing with last minute Fran-puns/sweets substitutions. It's part of a promise to her mum. (it's still challenging to kick the habit but SHE'S TRYING)
#13 Even though she's so energetic and adventurous, she is 900% okay with people keeping secrets from her. She believes everyone carries secrets for a reason, and will make no move to enquire more, if someone wishes to keep something secret from her.
#14 She's a little clumsy at anything domestic. She's not exactly terrible at cooking, but her impromptu improvisations at recipes ("A little more sugar can't harm anything! 8D" -dumps bowl of sugar in) often result in less than appetising results...
#15 In the past, she's one of those peeps who is always late for things. But now, she's almost never late. In fact, she gets very mad at herself whenever she's running late.
#16 Zel is currently trying her best to earn money on her own to support her band's efforts, her schooling and her own expenses. To prove to papa that she is independent and capable! D8  

Tagged by the awesome :iconayaneyeti:  
omg aya chan you're not even in IAS but thank you for tagging my awkward child you're such a sweetie OTL
Character: Feng 
[I-A-S] Change. by nikkaroo

#1 I think everyone probably knows this but she's a terrible liar. :'D
#2 She's mega embarrassed by her laugh. Her normal voice is low-ish for a girl, but her laugh is a high-pitched girlish sort of giggle. Hence, she's infinitely embarrassed by it.
#3 Has a…weird sense of humour. Strange things including bad puns amuse her, but she doesn’t like laughing in public so she giggles a little and then chokes and coughs to mask her laughter.
#4 She's an ex-WCG champion with a team she met online, but her teammates went solo after that. They still keep in contact and game together but have not taken part in competitive tournaments together since then.
#5 Games under the alias Phoenix. It comes from her IGN, PhoenixDowncantsaveyou.
#6 Strongly dislikes the taste of fresh milk, and generally avoids drinking milk in her tea/coffee/any drink. Her parents blame her small stature on her refusal to drink it when she was younger. 
#7 She really reeeeally dislikes being called Ice Queen. And this was even before Frozen. Still, she made no move to correct it back in school, because it helped keep people away from her.
#8 Feng is secretly happy that she currently kinda shares a similar-ish hairstyle with Aurum's Grand Master, since she has a soft spot for him.

I hereby self-declare that I am allowed to tag more than 8 peeps SOOOO I tag:
:iconssspitfire: with Bas
:iconzackypenguin: with Salnae/Heidi/Carlos/any OC u wanna~
:icontabootengu: with August
:iconayaneyeti: with Grim/your Alma Monster OC 
:iconaddaline: TAGBACK with Dietrich/any other OC you wanna 8D 
:iconcrystias: TAGBACK with Sao/any other OC you wanna 8D 
:iconundead-empress: with Tau (babe i gotta know more about the Tauuuu)
:iconzaleho: with Felix!!!
:iconshamelessmagic: with Salvia
:iconakatsukishuriken: with Caelyn (tell me about the jellyfish bae) 
:iconsoaptoast: with Darin DoronDrnhrbnnnn
:iconempressofdestruction: with Charles
:iconarishoopuf-art: with Dahlia! Deedee
:iconcherryorange: with Iannoodle
:iconyuki-bushido: with Heikeiceprince
:iconseadwellingbones: with Matiassnarkyshakespeare
:iconpandoraslilblackbox: with Kain (or Deity Kain WHICHEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT)
:icona24m: with Keitarourourou
:iconsunemperor: with Eoneyepatchkun
:icontheorangecaptain: with Raisnomnomking
:iconsparklemage: with Calvinsparkleskirakiradesu

please feel free to reject my tags if you have already answered them/if you're busy! ; v ; )/


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