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just got a premium membership for the first time! >,<
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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2015, 6:50 PM
Think it's over? Think again.

Death is only the beginning.

:iconbrookview-academy: :iconmorte-nostrum: :iconi-a-s:
So I wanted to help promote the RP groups I'm in, that's what this journal is for mwahaha.

because I get a badge from doing this for MN!

If you're looking for an RP group where you can take things at your pace i.e. take things easy and relaxedly, MN is the place for you. Admin Mei has declared that they want this place to be a "take it at your own pace" kind of group, and I think that's one of it's unique appeals.

Another thing that's super rad about MN is the setting. Like whoa, I mean, 1870s-90s Victorian setting involving dead Keepers who rid the world of Unholy Spirits? Wicked Rad. It's original, it's challenging, and it has forced me to think out of my comfort zone. I really like how we get to slowly develop our characters as well, because our characters start with having almost no memories of their past life (and personality) and slowly retrieve them through tasks & artwork. (again, the speed at which you retrieve your character's memories is entirely dependent on you) Logically, a person's memories shape the character that they are, so as your character retrieves Soul Shards and thus more fragments of their memories, they might...become different from the Keeper they started out as. Tainted, cleansed, changed,'s up to you. And I think that's awesome.

Best of all, there are so many talented people in this group. Like, really experienced RP-ers and artists that I really look up to. The journal skins, description, templates, BADGES are simply GORGEOUS as well, and attention to detail has been paid - there's a whole tumblr blog dedicated to MN-related visual inspiration (to help keep us historically and factually accurate in dressing and setting), a YouTube playlist of MN's soundtrack (full of super lovely music that suits the whole setting of the mirror world, no, really, you have to listen to it) and many other details that have been put into this group. I'm a sucker for details when a universe like this is created so I like this.

MNBadge: Dead Phoenix by MeishaliMNBadge: The Dancing Maiden by MeishaliMNBadge: Admirer by Meishali 

Consider joining MN if the following apply to you:
:bulletgreen: You want to improve your art.
:bulletgreen: You want to be challenged.
:bulletgreen: You simply love the Victorian era. (especially the 1870s-1890s)
:bulletgreen: You're super into detail, and you love being historically accurate.
:bulletgreen: The concept of dark fantasy and life-after-death fascinates you. Gothic, morbid things intrigue you.
:bulletgreen: You want to take things at your own pace and might not have time for weekly/monthly challenges. You don't want to be penalised or judged for inactivity, or for irregular posts.
:bulletgreen: You love collecting badges. You want to catch collect 'em all!
:bulletgreen: You're a sucker for character development. You like the idea of a character slowly retrieving his/her memories, and possibly becoming a different person as this happens.
:bulletgreen: You're willing to try repeatedly to better your app to get in. Mei has their reasons for their high expectations of your app, and I feel they're reasonable with their critique and suggestions.
:bulletgreen: You like taking initiative when it comes to RP-ing or RP-related activities.
:bulletgreen: You have an character with an "evil" alignment (neutral evil, chaotic evil, lawful evil) you want to RP but are afraid to put it in other groups. I think your character might belong here ahahaha...

Aurum! This is another group that I have so. much. love for. Like really.

The first thing I came to realise and LOVE about Aurum is the PEOPLE. I think I'm really blessed to be in this group, because everyone I've interacted with here has been nothing short of encouraging and funny and FUN. (I'm referring to the RP-er, not the RP-ed Character ahahaha) Although I've only been in the group for a few months, but everyone here has been so friendly in their interactions. I say this because my character here, Feng, is a socially awkward nerd and yet these people are letting their precious bbys bond with her AHAHA. Yea if you join this, you will be warmly welcomed by us. ^_^ 

Another thing I super love about the Agents that the wonderful people of Aurum have created is that they're all very balanced! Though many of them have clear strengths, their weaknesses are logical and well-thought-out as well.There are systems in place to ensure that no god-modding or OP characters appear out of nowhere. e.g. there's a list of acceptable character flaws to ensure that RP-ers don't give backhanded compliments to their charas. As a result, there's such a good mix of characters. There isn't really an archetype that appears a lot. I feel that the characters I have interacted with each have their special charm. They're well-developed and aren't your stereotyped mainstream character. I also like how many RP-ers chose non-direct-combat abilities, like Support or Defensive abilities. This is really super useful for teamwork and character building! Having an RP group based on ability users might be dangerous because if everyone picks an offensive power for direct combat, it might not be as interesting anymore...but the members of Aurum are really creative and try their best to think out of the box when developing their characters.

The group is also so. well. organised. The graphics and layout are beautiful, and the admins have taken great effort to do things like a camroll to decide an Agent's injuries (if any) during a case, as well as plan monthly challenges, Chapters, group events, and other crazy fun things. Cases (including every Trainee's First Case) are detailed and based on interesting Supernatural concepts/legends/mythology, and yet left open-ended for the RP-ers to plan and come up with their own conclusions. The admins write the introduction, while we figure out the body and conclusion to the story. Everything is well-planned and I like how they create so many opportunities for us RP-ers to interact. There are so many good possible scenarios and settings, and the admins are all super on the ball and creative and inspirational, not to mention super helpful and skilled. I secretly love them, really. If you've "run out" of things to do which is impossible, really there's even Side Activities for you to earn extra EXP. And the side activities are really funny

A part of me loves superheroes as well, and I like how although not all of the Agents who join the Agency are stereotypical "superheroes" (my Feng for example is totally not), they all have a purpose and reason for being here. Even if they currently aren't sure/don't, they're searching for it. It's a purposeful journey of self-discovery and it has a kinda "X-Men" feel to it so I LOVE IT.

There's also a HELL LOT of talented people in this group asdfghjkk their artwork is amazing
Aurum: Pixel Brooch by SunEmperor
Consider joining Aurum if the following apply to you:
:bulletgreen: You want to be challenged. Meaning, drawing backgrounds, scenarios, coloured finished pictures, other people's characters...
:bulletgreen: You like drawing other people's characters. hahaha...
:bulletgreen: You like X-Men.
:bulletgreen: You like being in active groups, and you consider yourself an active roleplayer. I-A-S is a group with a high proportion of active members, so even if some of us are busy, there're definitely other enthusiastic bunnies who're up for an RP challenge!
:bulletgreen: You want there to be ALWAYS something for your character to do. Be it an event, side-activity, RP theme, meme...There's an endless list of things you can do here.
:bulletgreen: You like developing balanced characters, and RP-ing within your character's limits.
:bulletgreen: Slow levelling isn't a problem for you. Earning EXP to rank up takes time and effort for Aurum Agents, 
:bulletgreen: You like RP-ing action sequences hehe I feel that there's plenty of opportunities to do so in Aurum!
:bulletgreen: The supernatural fascinates you. Aurum Agents tackle cases involving the Supernatural, so if you're into this kind of thing, you'll find Aurum really fascinating.
:bulletgreen: You like for your character to be able to develop different relationships with other people's characters. There's a lot of room for character interaction in Aurum.
:bulletgreen: You're looking for a roleplaying community or family.
:bulletgreen: You like crack and random events.

Finally, Brookview! This group follows a high school setting, so if you're into that sort of thing, I recommend you check it out!

There are many members in Brookview, and many different races/species of characters, some with really intriguing abilities! Really, the amount of variety in characters her is spectacular. I sometimes like flipping through people's app sheets just to read what their creative juices have churned out!

I think the current admins are doing a great job at pumping out monthly/seasonal activities, getting people to take part in weekly challenges etc. Their ideas are really good, and I like how they have a weekly focus of activities to accompany monthly themes. Taking part in activities is also completely optional and on a sign-up basis, so you don't have to worry about feeling obliges to participate if you're busy - it's totally up to you!

Lessons-wise, one thing I like about Brookview's lessons is that they have Pokemon Training lessons :heart: I think that was what won me over when I chose to join them back then. There's also a Host Club under the club activities which I thought was really neat, but I never put Darcy into any clubs because I don't have time to participate in them because he's nocturnal and lethargic during the day when club activities take place.

I'm not very active there now, but I pop up once in awhile to submit homework hehe. The homework assignments are fun and really help challenge me, I feel! I usually take Fashion Design, Art and Pokemon Training. It's fun! 

Consider joining Brookview if the following apply to you:
:bulletgreen: You like high school settings.
:bulletgreen: You want to RP your character in a setting where there are characters of many different species around you roaming freely around. (i.e. not trying to escape detection)
:bulletgreen: You want to be able to choose whether you take part in activities and not feel obliged to participate.
:bulletgreen: You are self-motivated and like initiating events/roleplaying scenarios/activities. There's a lot of room here to do that!

OKAY I'm done pimping the RP groups I've been a part of. I'm also planning to join :icondeathsapprentices: once :iconmintyfreshmangos: is done with the group! Super fascinating concept.

Thanks for reading! 


:iconbrookview-academy: :iconmorte-nostrum: :iconi-a-s:
BA: Darcy and Gengar by nikkaroo Morte Nostrum: Blitz Krieg by nikkaroo I-A-S Aurum : Feng by nikkaroo

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I'd like to invite you to join a recently re-vamped RP group of mine, Grave-Shift. I have either RP-ed with you or seen you're awesome character sheet, and I think you would a wonderful addition to the group. Thanks for the time, and I hope to see you in the future of the group!

:icongrave-shift: - A cursed land where the dead walk among the living has been transformed into a community for the undead in the guise of a cemetery. While the numbers were manageable at first, the undead have become more rebellious and more hands are needed to help around. Will you help keep the peace or join the rebellion?
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Thank you for the kind words ; v ; I will definitely check your group out!!! ^ v ^ currently I'm a little strapped with joining new groups as I'd like to focus on the few that I am in he he but your group is definitely staying on my radar O v O HEHEHEHE
Rndom-Obsessions Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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